Improving employee engagement and experience are an imperative in today’s workplaces, as employee engagement holds the key to business performance itself. There are many metrics which throw a light on the level of employee engagement, and it helps to track them to stay on track.

  • The level of absenteeism in the organization and the way people avail their vacation time.
  • The employee turnover rate in general, with special reference to the attrition of freshly inducted employees, within the first three months of coming on board.
  • Employee Net Promoter Score, similar to customer Net Promoter Scores, which speak volumes about employee engagement.
  • Any fall in productivity which cannot be explained using other reasons or factors impacting it.
  • Employee engagement surveys, which are conducted regularly to get the pulse of the employees.

Technology like a performance management system offers an ideal way to keep track of employee engagement from anywhere and anytime, as people work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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When organizations ignore the importance of employee engagement, they face consequences which affect their performance and even threaten their very survival. Disengaged employees tend to leave an organization in droves while the company is unable to replace its lost talent as its negative employer brand jeopardizes its efforts at hiring people again. Those that stay back spend their time looking out for jobs and fail to focus on their work fully. As we all know, once posted, social media outbursts and Glassdoor reviews live on! Companies provide positive employee experience have access to the best talent available in the market, which is why the Gartner’s report for 2020 puts employee engagement among the Top 5 priorities of HR leaders. If you are still not convinced, you may consider how surveys find organizations with engaged employees constantly outperform those with no employee engagement by 1.5 – 2X. It stands to reason that people who enjoy a sense of personal well-being and self-worth with dedication to their jobs would perform far better than depressed employees who have no commitment to their jobs.

Having established the importance of employee engagement, let’s look at how you could set performance metrics to see an improvement in employee engagement. Tracking these performance metrics is a sure way to measure how well your employee engagement efforts are going.


Absenteeism puts inordinate pressure on workflows and people managing them, affecting morale all around and overburdening those that are present. Having to continuously cope with employee absenteeism should ring alarm bells at any workplace. Employers today insist on a healthy balance between work and life and track not just the leaves availed but also the vacation days which went without being availed. This could also provide insights into employee engagement levels in the organization.

Employee Turnover Rate

Gone are the times when people stayed with their employer for life. Today’s workforce is constantly on the move. But it helps to keep track of your annual employee turnover, to measure it against your industry’s average. Engaged employees do not have time to look for alternatives, or even to take leave when they have an opportunity to be at work. If your top performers are leaving, there’s a need to check for the reasons and stem the rot. If new hires are leaving right after they undergo induction training and start working in earnest, it is a cause for concern and a valuable metric to measure.

Employee Net Promoter Score

It is possible to measure employee satisfaction reliably, much like customer satisfaction. Ask your employees to score the likelihood of their asking a friend or family member to work at your company on a scale of 1-10. Those who score between 0-6 are looked upon as detractors, 7-8 are considered passive, while 9-10 are seen as promoters. Subtract the percentage of detractors from promoters to see if your employee NPS is negative or positive. Low or negative employee NPS could easily result in a low or negative customer NPS as employees who are not engaged would hardly care to keep customers happy.

Decrease in Productivity


Unless you are aware of other, more pressing causes or reasons; consider an unexplained fall in productivity as proof that employee engagement is low because engaged workers are productive as a rule.

Measure Employee Engagement

Employees can be surveyed and asked to report on their own engagement levels and their pride and sense of value and ownership at work. Run these at regular intervals.

Workplaces around the world are facing the impact of COVID-19 financially as well as functionally. This would be a right time to put measures in place to ensure employee engagement with work along with their safety and happiness during these tough times. As the way we do work is getting redefined thanks to the challenges posed by the pandemic, savvy companies are focusing on employee engagement with renewed focus and attention. Take this as the right time to offer the necessary support to your employees and enable them to focus on work with resilience and commitment, in spite of concerns around personal safety and worries about their family members.

Innovative technologies can help you stay attuned to all these issues and help you stay informed of the problems faced by your employees and the support required by them. A performance management system helps to gain a real-time data-driven insight into employee engagement. What’s more, a performance management system which enables 360-degree feedback provides an effective insight into employee engagement as well as level of commitment. Improve employee experience with the accurate data and analytical insights offered by a performance management system, for informed decision making to improve employee engagement and experience. What’s more, the adoption of a performance system offers access to employee performance analytics from anywhere, anytime to help improve employee experience.


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