Read how one of Asia’s Leading Retail Conglomerate created an army of brand champions through a gamified Rewards & Recognition Framework, to battle the most competitive business landscape.

peoplecart retail case study

Retail industry is one of the most fast paced, dynamic and competitive industries. One of our retail clients was facing tremendous competition from the new e-commerce and international players. With more than 3 decades of experience, they could quickly recognize agility and innovation at operation’s front, as the combat strategy.

When Peter Drucker wrote that “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner”, he laid the foundation for companies to appreciate the importance of culture in driving organizational success. 

Organizational Culture is defined by a set of values that each entity identifies for itself in alignment with its vision & mission. Our client had 9 defined corporate values. Peoplecart designed a gamified reward and recognition framework which defined behaviors that were inspired by their 9 corporate values and clearly established the link between these values and desired business goals.

Download the detailed case study here to understand the approach and solution provided by Peoplecart and phenomenal business impact that it created.

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