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Why should Start-ups Adopt OKRs in 2021?

The tough times of 2021 are a major threat to the survival and growth of startups. To survive, they can adopt OKRs to enjoy the following benefits and build the required resilience: Meet their unique needs, and focus on agility

Outlining Success through OKR implementation

Both startups and established organizations benefit from implementing an OKR methodology. Here’s how they can implement it effectively: Have the buy-in of senior leaders and others in the organization. Pick a set of 5-7 clear objectives based on current and

S.M.A.R.T Goals that Actually Work

Goal setting needs to be done right so organizations can succeed while employees are motivated to perform and be aligned with organizational objectives. This is why it is necessary to make one’s goal setting follow the SMART way, where S.M.A.R.T

Goal Setting & Performance Management through OKR Methodology

The names of some of the world’s biggest achievers grace the list of companies that adopted the OKR methodology for better performance while driving employee engagement. What are the key components of this methodology? Set objectives and break them down

The Ultimate Guide to OKRs

OKR or Objective and Key Results, is a popular leadership technique that helps organizations set, communicate, and track their goals. It is a holistic approach towards management of goals and performance levels of employees at every level of the enterprise.

Insights into Developing a Successful Rewards & Recognition Program

Design your program right by defining the following: Keep the criteria simple and easy for everyone to understand, implement or use for appraisal. Decide the schedule for the events along with the behaviour to be rewarded, and keep people informed.

What Makes an Employee Performance Management System Effective?

An employee performance management software tool helps you conduct employee performance evaluations and appraisals with frequent, regular updates and feedback. An effective Performance Management System needs to enable all the following actions: Set up and align team and individual goals

10 Tips to Onboard Employees Virtually and Manage Performance

Onboarding work-from-home, remote employees and managing their performance poses a challenge to organizations, which can be managed if they follow some strategies and best practices: 1. Digitally transform the onboarding processes. 2. Help the remote employee to make the required

Pros & Cons of 360-degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is an effective tool for employee development and organizational growth and success. Having said that, it helps to be aware of the pros and cons involved in implementing the feedback process, so as to guard against them and

The Future of Performance Reviews

The world is moving away from traditional performance reviews, to adopt an entirely new approach to performance management, in the following ways: Creating a culture of growth and making managers responsible for the development of their team members. Delink performance

Employee Engagement: The Key to Improved Employee Performance

Employee engagement involves fostering a work culture that makes the employee feel valued and aligned with the organization such that they put in the maximum effort they can to work for the organisation, thus improving employee performance. Just as each

FAQs on OKR Implementation

Settings OKRs, aka Objectives and Key Results, needs some orientation, strategy and planning. Here, we have answered some common questions covering the creation and implementation of an OKR strategy to ensure its success. How do I create an OKR strategy

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