To enable employees accomplish their possibilities’ is the product road map of Peoplecart, a provider of Performance, Recognition & Employee Engagement SaaS for modern workplaces. The company that helps its clients drive their employees to excellence also applies this mission philosophy with same passion, if not more, for its own employees. This futuristic company paves a flowery path for career progression by nudging its employees to start doing ‘now’ what they intend to do in next three years. Peoplecart allows its teams to chart their own development paths by choosing 50 percent of their annual goals aligned to a secondary role – a role every employee get to choose when they join and would typically involve what they aspire to do in three years, while the other 50 percent are aligned to primary role and organizational current goals. These secondary roles and consequent developmental programs include cross functional projects and many training programs/conferences.

And a welcome side effect of their employees’ continual growth is the high growth of Peoplecart itself, which is proliferating at a staggering 3.5x growth pace. Talents gravitate towards Peoplecart, thanks to its story that has a promising end and an impressive start, which is further supplemented with attractive rewards & benefits that are well above market medians.“In the last year, after being selected from SCMHRD campus, I’ve worked all round the product platform from sales, marketing, documentation to testing. I found my niche in making clients successful and enthusiastically drive client success as a Senior Associate in the CoE for client success. The coolest part about working with Peoplecart is the open culture and transparency between senior management and employees,” expounds Chyanika Jindal, Senior Associate, Peoplecart.

A Positive Appreciation Culture

Peoplecart’s culture, policies & programs are built on four key principles: think & accomplish big, be happy at work, respect co-workers and be driven to client success.“Respect for each other’s strengths and characteristics is an organizational value that we imbibed well,” highlights Vamsi Ram Maddimsetti, Founder & Director, Peoplecart. The company manages its team’s performance with its own performance measurement track, which instills positive appreciation culture and is built on OKR framework and real time goal management, feedback with inbuilt social recognition programs. While Peoplecart’s Markets team get incentivized through sales commission and its standard R&R framework, its CoE teams (besides R&R frame work) rely on half yearly goals and results framework both for motivation and incentives. More over, its common rewards & recognition framework (covering early birds, alignment to values, display of key skills & competencies) allows employees to earn 20-30 percent over and above their salaries.

Though Peoplecart has been hiring B-School freshers from India’s top 20-30 institutes, its precise hiring criterion focuses on cultural fit ahead of past experience or academic qualifications. It seeks people with independent mind set to lead themselves and expects incoming members to bring additional skill set beyond what existing team has. Peoplecart minimizes attrition by clearly communicating start-up challenges, related work culture and the need for longer term perspective during hiring discussions. “And we pay above the market,” quips Vamsi.

Steep Growth in Stress-free Ambiance

This ISO-certified company that has its whole premise covered with CCTV has a directly approachable female HR Lead and provides transport reimbursements to female employees. “Peoplecart gives me the flexibility to work-from-home and choose my flexi timings for the mandatory work-from-office days on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Most of the transactional HR is completely automated,” proclaims Swapna M, HR, Peoplecart.

All employees irrespective of their gender could grow to become tomorrow’s C-suite employees at Peoplecart. “Steep learning and steeper growth is what continues to drive me at Peoplecart. I’ve started as DB analyst, now handle Business/Technology Analysis as a Senior Manager. And yeah, I love the yoga sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays,” says a thrilled Krishna Dodda, Sr. Manager, Peoplecart. Besides celebrating birthdays and client go-lives in office, Peoplecart’s team ideate, collaborate and dine together through diverse initiatives, which complement the company’s belief of being ‘One Large Family’ and make working across departments as smooth as possible. Their families & kids are encouraged to come along with,on Fridays.

The company that has invested upwards of $1 million has already achieved operational break-even. Already pioneer in Middle East and South East Asia, Peoplecart anticipates repeating the same feat this year and foresees getting into high expansion mode by this time next year. The company is also approaching investors for fundraise, as it wishes to consolidate its leadership within the next three years.

Key Management:
Vamsi Ram Maddimsetti, Founder & Director
Vamsi is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in enterprise SaaS industry, and specializes in Purchasing Negotiation, Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Start-ups, and Branding.Nikhil Norula, Co-Founder & VP – Global Sales & New Market Strategies
A reputed HR consultant, master architect of Gamification & a professional with nearly a decade of global experience, Nikhil has been instrumental in launching Peoplecart in 6new countries within 18months.

Veeresh Kolluri, Co-Founder & VP – Technology
Versant in multiple technologies & cross technology architecting of platforms, Veeresh leverages the 13+ years of IT product experience he earned worldwide to mould the technical aspects of Peoplecart.

Offices: Hyderabad (Headquarter) & Sales Hubs in Dubai, Singapore and Toronto

Key Clients: Future Group, Kohler, SREI, Sidra (Qatar Foundation), Dark Matter, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Astro Holdings, Temasek (Govt. of Singapore), DB Schenker, BBG India, CDK Global and many more


Winner of ‘KPI Gamification, In House Large BPO – 2016’ at Contact Center World Awards, Las Vegas

Winner of ‘Best Rewards & Recognition Programs – 2016’ at World HRD Congress

Winner of ‘Innovation in Talent Management – 2015’ at 6th HR Tech Asia Congress, Kuala Lumpur.

Courtesy: Silicon India
About Peoplecart

Peoplecart is an Engagement & Recognition platform for modern workplaces. Peoplecart is HQ in India and has clientele and sales presence in the North America, Middle East & South East Asia.  Single platform for Performance & Alignment, New-age Performance & Goal Management, Rewards & Social Recognition, Analytics through Dashboards & Reports, Gamification tools, Mob Apps, Self Managed Admin Panel and Global Redemption are few of the game changers from Peoplecart.

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