Traditionally, a decent pay slip and a handful of amenities at the workplace would suffice in keeping your employees motivated. However, with time, the expectations of employees have changed. Today, employees are giving more preference to join a company that has a positive culture which revolves around learning and growth.

According to a recent survey of 200 L&D professionals by Open University Business School, Two-Fifths of international organizations do not have a global strategy for learning.

Companies which often fail to adjust their learning and development processes have to struggle with overall growth and productivity. As a result, traditional methods of learning leading companies are abandoning in favor of more effective solutions—often involving technology innovation which helps in engaging talent and improving performance.

In order to cater to the modern workforce and remain competitive in your industry, Peoplecart has listed down few ways which a company can adapt to inculcate learning and growth in organization.

1. Online courses & Tutorials: Technology has made Learning easier and simpler. The realm of education is not excluded from the changes experienced by communication technology. Along with technology-based innovations, have come Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). MOOCs are generally developed by professors at reputable universities and offered through private course platforms. Given the ease of learning and access, this medium is trending these days. It provides a vast option of courses from varied domains. 

Coursera gives you the opportunity to take courses from over 140 of the country’s top universities and organizations. It is a vast platform for your employees to select the course of their choice. The organization can sponsor the specialization paid courses. It is a very flexible platform and allows the users to clear doubts by talking to subject matter experts and participating in forum discussions.

Image result for lyndaOwned by LinkedIn, Lynda is another educational hub for professionals looking to learn new skills related to business, creativity, and technology. It creates the best library of training videos for professionals. Lynda is a subscription-based platform (you can choose between monthly annual plans) and then you get unlimited access to all materials. Your company can either provide the annual subscription to its employees or sponsor a particular course based on interest. In fact, employees at Peoplecart also use these tools extensively. Some other alternatives available are the Khaan Academy, Udemy and more.

2. Classroom-based Learning courses: Although technology-based training is becoming increasingly popular, training experts agree that it will never completely replace classroom training. Even today, an overwhelming number of companies continue to use classroom training courses since it has its own set of advantages. Certain topics or domains require in depth tutorials and discussions with subject matter experts. Classroom learning can include off-campus sessions in association with credible institutes. We are highlighting some examples here.

Image result for Aon Hewitt learning centreAon Hewitt provides certification course especially for Human Resource Professionals. Aon Hewitt Learning Center is on a mission to provide real learning to help HR impact business outcomes. There are planned learning sessions for a group of individuals in which they are given access to all resource materials. They are also asked to give an exam at the end of the course. Few courses by Aon are Certified L&D Professional, Certified Engagement Expert, Certified Performance Management Expert and much more.

  • CISA Certification by Deloitte

Image result for CISA Certification by DeloitteCISA, Certified Information System Auditor, is a worldwide acknowledged certification for specialists in the area of audit, assurance, and security of information systems. Being CISA certified ensures that one is capable to manage vulnerabilities, ensure compliance and institute controls within their enterprise.

CMMP-Blue-Logo-300x83.pngIIMP® accreditation CMMP® (Certified Marketing Management Professional) is a globally-recognized measure of professional and academic excellence in the practice of marketing. This program recognizes successful marketing professionals all around the world. It denotes high professional, educational and ethical standards in marketing and is valuable to those practitioners who earn it, to the clients and organizations they represent and most importantly to the marketing profession itself.

  • A Consolidated Platform offering all under one roof is a Training Marketplace with 450+ branded training companies offering 3000+ training programs across 300+ domains all under one portal. You can leverage this platform and make an educated choice.

Learning keeps employees updated and engaged; engaged employees are more productive. Creating a culture of learning benefits everyone involved, and can be brought into any business, big or small. Leverage these ideas to help your employees become the people they want to be while taking your business to the next level.

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