Workplace Innovation, simply put, is the combination of gathering, nurturing and the implementation of new ideas (sparks) that create tangible and measurable value (sparkles).

True innovation is driven when it becomes part of your organizational culture.

Like any cultural intervention, workplace innovation must be made to flow naturally without forced stimulus and thus it is critical to cement the foundation of continuous workplace innovation into the roots of the company culture. Values form the nucleus of an organization’s culture and so values  must be defined in alignment with the functional ingredients of innovation.

It is common to see “Innovation” in itself being defined as one of the organizational values amongst firms that emphasize on the importance of all forms of innovation, be it incremental, radical or disruptive. However, it takes much more than merely defining “Innovation” as a core value to truly drive naturally flowing, continuous and sustainable workplace innovation. In fact, every stage of workplace innovation needs a different impetus to drive its success. At PeopleCart, we have crafted a set of cultural tenets for each stage in the journey from ideas to an impactful outcome.

REVEALED 8 Organizational Values that are aligned with each stage in the journey from SPARK2SPARKLE.

To know more, download our white paper on “CULTURAL TENETS OF WORKPLACE INNOVATION” below.

The SPARK2SPARKLE series is a focused journal that encapsulates concepts, practices and experiences that define and drive workplace innovation. With SPARK2SPARKLE, the team of strategists at PeopleCart have created a technology platform that reflects each stage of the journey, that an organization must negotiate in order to deliver continuous and sustained innovation. 

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