Employees are the biggest asset that an organization has and they determine the success and failure of any business. An employee recognition program allows organizations to motivate employees, align them to organizational priorities and also showcase as a business’ their appreciation for the employees that contribute to the organization.

The benefits of employee-recognition programs are many and the impact it creates is far reaching. Powering your Recognition programs with a modern technology platform enable organizations to further deepen their relationship with employees and create greater impact.

In this blog post we will look at some of the key benefits a modern Social Recognition platform add to your recognition efforts-

Social and Public celebrations

#1 Social & Public Celebration

A Social Recognition platform allows each achievement, no matter how small or large, to be publically proliferated across the entire organization. This social sharing creates examples of promotable good work and inspires the larger workforce to follow suit. When achievements are socially celebrated, the behaviours and outcomes demonstrated are re-enforced translating, lone instances into repeatable habits. A Social Recognition platform also enables peers to participate in the recognition success, making the achievement memorable and special for the recipients.

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#2 Make Recognition Instant

It is often said that delayed recognition is bad recognition. Even if an employee effort is recognized and appreciated but when not done in a timely manner, the impact is lost. If you recognize your employees at the end of the month, or the year, in most cases the receipts would not be able to relate this recognition with the effort demonstrated and an opportunity is lost. A Social Recognition platform through it’s mobile apps allow organizations to recognize employees in the moment and instantaneously when good work is demonstrated. This helps re-enforce the behaviours/outcomes being demonstrated.

Establish a Unified Culture

#3 Establish a Unified Culture

A Social Recognition platform allows organizations to run their R&R framework centrally for globally disbursed workforce. This enables employees to not just know and understand but also to internalize and then demonstrate the same values, beliefs and outcomes at the workplace across the globe.


#4 Eliminate Geographical Limitations

Organizations today are globally disbursed with multiple offices across different countries. A Social Recognition platform completely eliminates geographical limitations enabling managers/employees to recognize reportees/peers instantly no matter their physical presence.

Help Reduce Cost

#5 Help Reduce Cost

When you run your recognition programs offline or over emails or through excel sheets, a lot of administration and time goes into collecting nominations, facilitating committee decisions and then sourcing rewards for the winners. This effort multiplies when you run varied disparate programs each with its own workflows and selection processes. A Social Recognition platform allows organizations to centrally run a variety of programs on one single system with complete workflow automation and in-built email triggers for maximum efficiency. This enables your managers to focus on things that really matter.

Demonstrates ROI

#6 Demonstrates ROI

When you run and manage your recognition programs offline, you eliminate the chance of various programs intermingling with one another to create maximum impact. A Social Recognition platform allows appreciation for behaviours and outcomes not just within team/departments but also cross functional/cross departmental. All this intelligence demonstrates the true impact definable in pure numbers that your recognition programs are creating.


#7 Communication

A large part of the success for any program is determined by timely communication related to important milestones and achievement and periodic communication around the programs. A Social Recognition platform has inbuilt capabilities to pre-configure such communication with custom messages ensuring no celebrates are missed. This coupled with the ability for employees to share, like and comment on recognitions received and given further exemplifies the overall impact.

Reward of Choice

#8 Reward of Choice – When it comes to rewards, a “One Size Fit All” philosophy does not work in today’s time. Unlike an offline program where employees get a pre-determined gift as a reward, a Social Recognition platform allow employees to choose their own rewards from a bouquet of offerings. This improves employee gratification and helps establish a positive experience resulting in memories which re-enforces the behaviour or outcomes demonstrated. A modern Social Recognition platform provides global redemption options which are culturally relevant and locally redeemable in their respective land.

Are you using the right technology for your Recognition programs?

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