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Insights into Performance Management for Start Ups – An eBook

All companies differ in their business goals and requirements, and in their definitions and measures of success. Isn\'t it therefore a little odd that most still use the same conventional approach to plan and monitor the performance of their employees

Why should Start-ups Adopt OKRs in 2021?

The tough times of 2021 are a major threat to the survival and growth of startups. To survive, they can adopt OKRs to enjoy the following benefits and build the required resilience: Meet their unique needs, and focus on agility

Outlining Success through OKR implementation

Both startups and established organizations benefit from implementing an OKR methodology. Here’s how they can implement it effectively: Have the buy-in of senior leaders and others in the organization. Pick a set of 5-7 clear objectives based on current and

What must scale-up strategy for Start-ups include?

Startups need a coherent human resource management policy to ensure their success, and to scale up while dealing with challenges. What should one keep in mind when setting a scale-up strategy for a startup, especially with reference to their HR

Will Start-ups Benefit from using a Performance Management System?

The many benefits offered by a Performance Management System help start-ups to achieve their business objectives within a predefined time-period and to stay ahead of their competitors, as it enables them to: Formulate business objectives Set clear goals for the

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