What Not to Do with Your Employee Recognition Program?

Employee reward and recognition programs are essential, but if not implemented right they fail to deliver the right results. This blog explains why and shows how you can improve such programs.

The Impact of Employee Recognition Programs on Employee Engagement

Every modern company is familiar with the concept and importance of employee recognition. This is something that has been discussed and agreed upon for a long time now. However, despite knowing how important this is, why do some organizations miss implementing employee recognition programs? Studies and surveys have consistently shown that recognition is the most...


Insights into Developing a Successful Rewards & Recognition Program

Design your program right by defining the following: Keep the criteria simple and easy for everyone to understand, implement or use for appraisal. Decide the schedule for the events along with the behaviour to be rewarded, and keep people informed. Make sure you set aside a proper budget to keep the initiative going without a...


21 Effective Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

Employees are the most important asset of any organization. Following are the strategies to enable an effective Rewards & Recognition program and drive high employee engagement. Make it personal Enable gamification Provide learning and development opportunities Motivate with monetary incentives Floating offs/Holidays and bonus as rewards Magnify recognition Use Technology to share achievements   Get...