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Estimate the Return on Investment of PMS/R&R with PossibleWorks interactive ROI calculator.

Our Calculator can help you measure ROI at your organization based resultant savings due to:

  • Reduction in attrition
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Time Saved

Feel free to input these variable specific to your industry or business to see your relevant ROI.

Estimate ROI for

Performance management system

Rewards & Recognition





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Total Number of employees
Number of managers

(Manager is a person who has atleast 1 reportee)

Employee Attrition rate

(Attrition is % of employees leaving voluntarily every year and need to be replaced. Studies indicate that organizations typically experience voluntary attrition ranging between (20%-25%))

Average Annual Employee Salary
Average Annual Manager Salary
Cost of PMS Technology at user/month
Time spent by an employee on performance management/review in a year (Hrs)

(Studies indicate that an employee spends up to 40 hours per year on performance reviews)

Time spent by a manager on performance management/review in a year (Hrs)

(Studies indicate that a manager spends up to 200 hours per year on performance reviews)

Employee Turnover Cost (% of annual salary)

(Studies indicate organizations spend upwards of 20% of the salary of employee being replaced. This cost is much higher for management and leadership positions)

PossibleWorks provides this ROI Calculator as a tool to help you explore the potential cost savings that your business could achieve when utilising a Performance Management Software, so that you can determine whether to further consider a Performance Management for your business. The savings are indicative only and are based on a combination of market data as referenced, and your responses to the questions displayed. Actual savings may vary.

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