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Top 5 tips you Need to Know before Picking your Performance Goals

Goal setting and goal management are two critical steps in any performance management process. To ensure that your goal setting and management works well, pay due attention to these five tips. Align organizational goals to individual goals to ensure employee

What Makes an Employee Performance Management System Effective?

An employee performance management software tool helps you conduct employee performance evaluations and appraisals with frequent, regular updates and feedback. An effective Performance Management System needs to enable all the following actions: Set up and align team and individual goals

10 Tips to Onboard Employees Virtually and Manage Performance

Onboarding work-from-home, remote employees and managing their performance poses a challenge to organizations, which can be managed if they follow some strategies and best practices: 1. Digitally transform the onboarding processes. 2. Help the remote employee to make the required

The Future of Performance Reviews

The world is moving away from traditional performance reviews, to adopt an entirely new approach to performance management, in the following ways: Creating a culture of growth and making managers responsible for the development of their team members. Delink performance

9 Essential Competencies needed by Remote Workers

Not everyone can be good at flexible and remote work, where people need to be productive without the supervision and support systems offered by an office environment. Communication skills, both written (text, emails) or spoken (phone/video calls), are essential. Ability

Gartner’s Report on the Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2020 – A Review

To be able to deliver on these priorities, a recent report from Gartner looks at the priorities of HR leaders today. They believe that there’s a need to leverage technology to manage the employee processes and experience, prioritizing the following:

The Impact of Remote Work on Employee Performance and the role of HR to alleviate the impact

How can HR leaders contribute to alleviating the impact of remote work on employee performance? Keep the channels of communication open Provide support to enhance employee well-being Keep their teams engaged and productive Ensure work-life balance to enhance productivity Use

Some FAQs on Remote Work as the Future of Work and Best Practices in adopting it

Many companies are adopting technology to adopt remote work policies, which enable their employees to work from anywhere, as long as productivity remains unaffected. Remote workers with the right tools enjoy better job satisfaction, even as companies save big on

5 Essential Factors to consider while selecting a Performance Management System

Selecting an appropriate performance management system isn’t an easy task as every business has different requirements. However, taking the following factors into consideration when selecting a performance management system can make your job easier: It should be in line with

10 Key Job Competencies Everyone Needs to Know About

For most jobs, there are a few job competencies that are common and expected by companies, such as: Teamwork Responsibility Commercial Awareness Decision Making Communication Leadership Integrity Result Orientation Problem Solving Organizational Competency   Learn how PossibleWorks can help you

How an Efficient Performance Management System aids in driving Exponential Business Growth

The ultimate goal of every organization is to stay ahead of their competitors. To achieve this, an organization needs to invest in an efficient performance management system to facilitate the right alignment of every employee’s performance to the organization’s overall

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