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Insights into Developing a Successful Rewards & Recognition Program

Design your program right by defining the following: Keep the criteria simple and easy for everyone to understand, implement or use for appraisal. Decide the schedule for the events along with the behaviour to be rewarded, and keep people informed.

Employee Engagement: The Key to Improved Employee Performance

Employee engagement involves fostering a work culture that makes the employee feel valued and aligned with the organization such that they put in the maximum effort they can to work for the organisation, thus improving employee performance. Just as each

10 Tips to Increase the Engagement of Remote Employees

Employee engagement is essential to all organizations. It has become an imperative in the remote, work from home arrangements necessitated by the pandemic. We provide some tips to increase employee engagement under the circumstances: Increase sense of belonging. Define goals

Strategies to Develop and Sustain Employee Engagement

Employee engagement needs to be sustained over time to ensure that the organization can reap the benefits of such engagement. Some strategies to ensure this include: A work atmosphere which excludes anxiety and stress brought on by high workloads and

21 Effective Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

Employees are the most important asset of any organization. Following are the strategies to enable an effective Rewards & Recognition program and drive high employee engagement. Make it personal Enable gamification Provide learning and development opportunities Motivate with monetary incentives

How to use Performance Metrics to improve Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement and experience are an imperative in today’s workplaces, as employee engagement holds the key to business performance itself. There are many metrics which throw a light on the level of employee engagement, and it helps to track

Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends Post COVID-19

Employee engagement can be defined as employee’s willingness to contribute to organization’s growth. Employee engagement has been a long-standing critical concern for most organizations. The difference between retaining top talent and having higher attrition depends on how engaged the employees

How Performance Appraisal Helps Improve Employee Performance?

Organizations understand the importance of employee performance for its overall success. To align an employee’s performance towards organizational goals, the process of performance appraisal can be effectively utilized. The system of appraisal helps the company identify key performing resources and

Digitize Your Employee Recognition System – Improve Productivity!

Digital Employee Recognition Systems can become a crucial part of an organization\'s overall business growth strategy. As legendary Zig Ziglar once said, “You don’t build a business - you build people- and then people build your business.” Employees are a

Why do you need a Rewards & Recognition program?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou Introduction This famous quote from Maya Angelou in a way says it all. This is also

Bringing Happiness & Positivity at Workplace

In our last blog –“Work life balance is a lie” we stressed upon the fact that it’s important to be happy at the workplace and not really seeking so called Work life balance. In the quest of organizations to make

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