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Insights into Performance Management for Start Ups – An eBook

All companies differ in their business goals and requirements, and in their definitions and measures of success. Isn\'t it therefore a little odd that most still use the same conventional approach to plan and monitor the performance of their employees

The Ultimate Guide to OKRs

OKR or Objective and Key Results, is a popular leadership technique that helps organizations set, communicate, and track their goals. It is a holistic approach towards management of goals and performance levels of employees at every level of the enterprise.

Performance Management System – A Buyer’s Guide

Every employee’s individual performance contributes to the organization’s overall performance. That’s the reason more and more companies today are continually looking to improvise their techniques in measuring and evaluating employee performance. Employee performance management, therefore, becomes critical as it aligns

A Buyer’s Guide to Employee Recognition Software

Gone are those days when Rewards and Recognition was considered a nice to have component of an organisations HR strategy. Today it has emerged as a critical tool for enabling global organizations to enhance engagement, increase motivation, improve performance and

Workforce management & planning during and post COVID-19

Organizations around the globe are restructuring their business operations to enable employees to work from home, they are looking for an efficient technology stack to manage the new dynamics of work from home reality. The concept of work-from-home is not

A short guide to Performance Management Approaches

Introduction We briefly look at several approaches to performance management here and how they could benefit your organization. (more…)

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