Possibleworks Spark2Sparkle solution helped drive workplace innovation through the following steps:

A leading Fortune 500 company that is a global leader in Bath & Kitchen products, was looking for a technology driven solution that could catalyze their quest to create a culture of continuous and naturally free flowing innovation.


Possibleworks implemented the Spark2Sparkle framework through its integrated workforce engagement & workplace innovation platform. The Spark2Sparkle framework is a series of workflows that reflects each stage in the journey that an idea (Spark) takes to translate into a tangible and implementable form (Sparkle).

Enabling a culture of continuous innovation through Possibleworks Spark2Sparkle framework

  • Provide a real time, social platform where employees can collaborate to share ideas under pre-defined themes that reflect the near term tactical goals of respective departments
  • Leverage in-built social recognition programs to encourage participation in sharing and contributing to ideas
  • Create a process for the empanelment of subject matter experts that mentor, assess and nurture ideas as they are refined through stages of screening, experimentation and commercialization
  • Track the implementation of stage V ideas through an agile goal management module that allows crowd-sourcing of expertise and collaboration of the best fit resources
  • Create Role Models and change agents through a combination of leader boards, achievement badges and rewards


  • Program rolled out across 8,000+ employees working out of 12 countries in 3 continents
  • Single, unified platform with multiple language support ( English, French, Spanish, Thai & Mandarin)
  • HRMS integration to align innovation goals with the overall performance management