Our Performance Management platform delivers value to Employees, Managers, HR Teams & CEOs equally

We are not just another agile performance & continuous feedback platform. We enable alignment of team

performance to organizational priorities, helping employees accelerate performance by building on individual competences.

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Driven by Agility, Analytics &
Artificial Intelligence

Traditional Performance Management & It's Challenges

  • Lack of focus on team competences, performance cascading and daily employee engagement.
  • Focus heavily on record keeping, Managers’ opinions and typically, at the tail end of the year.
  • Very limited opportunities between Managers and Employees for feedback and mentoring.
  • Both Managers and Employees perceive the exercise of performance setting, driving and monitoring as not-so-nice experience — best done and left, once annually.

PossibleWorks Differentiators

  • Since of high performance productize in an easy-to-use platform.
  • Drives high performance for small and medium enterprises through agile goals, continuous feedback.
  • Integrates behavioural & functional competences & active employe engagement into proprietary high- performance framework. Allows Small & Medium Enterprises to leverage this, without the need for any external experts in far simplified format.
  • Aligns Employees to organizational objectives.
  • Nudges Line Managers to be better People Managers through mobile interface & resources. Makes Line Managers the pivotal influencers in driving high-performance.

About Us

We are not just another agile performance & continuous feedback platform, we also enable Line Managers to be better People Managers.

We align team performance to organizational objectives.

Our AI chatbot nudges employees to achieve their bold possibilities by building on individual competences

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Self actualizes one's own bold possibilities, at speed

Adheres to all agreements

Provides feed forward, stays open

Conscientiously decides and operates in best interest of the firm

Why PossibleWorks

Adaptive Platform

Set monthly, quarterly or annual goal periods based on dynamic and agile Organizational needs. Customizable to adopt to OKR goals to fit organizational context.

Lead Indicators

Define sub goals and milestones for each goal along with reminders and manager conversations through chat. Customizable lead indicator library for automation of workflow related to sub goals/ milestones.

Real Time Support, Reporting & Analytics

24X7 Support, Automated Ticketing System, Customer Success Management, Multi-level reports for admin, sub-admin and managers to make course correction and drive development.

Plug & Play system with Gamification & Leaderboard

The platform is gamified to nudge actions, ensure platform engagement and drive adoption. Choose from in-built list of competences to suit your organization's vision, culture and business mode

Highly Flexible Technology

Configurable at architecture level with in-built repository of workflow rules. Default settings offer an option to change, at the click of a button, to suit organizational needs.

SSO, Secure, On-Cloud & Integration Ready

Single Sign On for uninterrupted & automatic logins, High Security certified, Ready to use API based web services, Microsoft Azure cloud, Web & Mobile Application.

Ready built-in integrations with HR systems