Fueling Organizational growth through agile Performance & social Recognition

Alignment by culture and to organizational vision was identified as a critical intervention, against the background of fierce competition. Client was early to recognize the value of this initiative to ALIGN across all its retail concepts spanning a diverse workforce of over 35,000 people.


In such a scenario speed (in thought & action) and strength (in perseverance & change absorption) became important cultural objectives sought to achieve (which was driven and achieved during the first 24 months of the platform implementation). Inculcating a deeper alignment through cascaded goals all the way from organizational vision onto one’s individual goals is then achieved through a highly digitized solution that is flexible, fast. Through Possibleworks Perform & Engage platform with inbuilt social features, flexible technology and gamifiable rules, the group embarked on a journey to make Speed, strength and quantitative holacracy goals a way of life at work.

Possibleworks solution was built with the following features

  • Flexibility to align individual goals with the org. vision & mission and percolating Speed & Strength into the workforce DNA
  • Multi-layered and multi-directional cascading of goals, real-time feedback on configurable goal milestones, crowd sourced endorsements from peers and a culture of on the spot appreciation.
  • Gamification of entire framework to amplify value proposition & drive greater alignment to objectives.

Highlights : Award Winning Use Case

Recognition Awards

Peer-to-Peer Badges – Value Cards, Individual Awards – Mustang (or) Top Gun, Team Awards – The A Team, Privilege Circles – Future Gold/ Platinum Clubs, Chairman Club

Milestone Awards

New Arrivals – Value Litmus, Personal & Service Milestones – 2gether, Development Plan Milestones

Real Goals & feedback system

Cascading of goals from CEO/ vision, real-time WhatsApp interface for feedback, summary and analytics at various reporting levels, Holacracy options