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Case Study

Raising the performance bar through real time KPI Gamification

Astro Malaysia Holdings, Malaysia’s largest paid media company and one of ASEAN’s leading media platform for global entertainment & sports, wanted to move the service matrix KPIs closer to the global benchmarks, with a larger objective of fostering a culture of high Performance & Ownership.

PossibleWorks deployed its signature solution for Gamification of the service matrix KPIs which leverages new gamification techniques and engages with the workforce on a continuous basis to achieve the organizational objectives. The Gamification track has been designed to drive focus on KPI’s through a reward program bundled around a set of Gamification rules. Following points briefly summarize the program:

  • Selected 5 high priority KPI’s (Churn, On Demand, Clan Performance, AUT, NJOI, Vouchers) along with their underlying attributes
  • Defined targets, periods & averages for attribute’s enhancement
  • Real time monitoring of performance improvement through actual weekly average of KPIs/attributes
  • Weigh individual contributions and rank teams, groups or individuals on the basis of the KPI scores.
  • Live dashboards both at individual and team level helped measure, display and improve KPIs


  • Weekly & monthly challenges were created by setting a target to increase average KPI’s by a fixed percentage.
  • Top achievers were accorded super-hero titles and displayed on the Hall of Fame along with their individual ranks and game score.
  • Integration with PossibleWorks Rewards Module allowed conversion of game scores to reward credits & also redemption of these points against aspirational reward choices within Kuala Lumpur & globally.
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