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Build a culture of appreciation & recognition

Reinforce recognition value through virtual Social Wall of Fame

Virtual Wall of Fame increase the value of social recognition through auto publishing rewards and recipients. PossibleWorks allows colleagues to contribute to the live recognition feeds and build success stories from each achievement. Social participation is encouraged through real-time comment / like option. We also provide options to integrate with existing Enterprise Social Networks such as fb@work, yammer, slack.

Enable Peer-to-peer Endorsements

Peer to peer endorsement facilitate employees to appreciate instances of positive contribution/ behavior, demonstration of organizational values, desired behaviours. Possibleworks enables peer to peer appreciation through badges aligned to org values, behaviours, competences.You can introduce gamification by creating progressions leading to specific titles like Value Champion, Trailblazers, True Citizen or entry into specific clubs etc

Automate Nominations based on approvals

Manager driven approval-based Nomination Programs for individuals/teams with multi-layer approval workflow are common in organizations. PossibleWorks allows to automate the whole process and make it social.

Don’t miss Milestone Awards

Automate and make your employees feel special on their personal & service milestones. PossibleWorks creates celebration feeds on the employee social space and allows peers to participate, making the occasion more special.

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