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A Performance Management System that enables you to drive organizational growth.

Simplified OKR (Objectives and Key Results) & Feedback platform for high growth. Align, Measure and Evaluate your organisational goals with PossibleWorks to see results that reflect success and scalability.

Develop better people managers, engaged employees, and high performing organisations.

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Our Performance Management System is built on 4 Pillars

OKRs for Goal Setting

Aspirational goals aligned with Organizational Strategy

An efficient Performance Management system aids clear goal-setting that aligns strategy and employee goals across the organizational hierarchy.

Employ goal setting to communicate company strategy, cascade goals, and allow dynamic goal periods to improve performance review across the organization.

Continuous Conversation

Encourage Conversations around Performance Enhancement

Enable conversations between employees and managers through our chat-based system to fuel productivity, continuous feedback, better check-ins, and acknowledge employee contribution.

Trigger impactful conversations with your employee today!

360 -Degree Feedback

Bring Objectivity to your Employee Feedbacks

We believe that a 360-degree feedback system provides employees with a well-rounded view of their performance. It aims at being unbiased so that it can be used as an objective review of employee performance highlighting competencies & training needs, to ensure that you’re continuously invested in your employee.


Drive Culture of Appreciation for Engaged Workforce

Vital recognition programs in engaging work environments can significantly build a company culture that encourages and acknowledges top employees for their significant contributions. They help retain top talent and create a collaborative work environment that propels employee motivation & productivity.

Modern and Agile Performance Management


  • Ineffectiveness of year-end performance reviews in business or employee growth
  • Delay in timely feedback as business goals and employee performance are not reviewed in real-time
  • Lack in transparency leaves teams directionless


  • Align, Measure, and Improve
  • Align employee goals with organizational priorities
  • Measure Employee Performance Objectively and in real-time
  • Improve through Continuous and Employee development focused feedback.

Why PossibleWorks

  • Accelerate Business Growth and Increase Employee Engagement
  • Use OKR Framework for Objective Goal Setting
  • Recognize employees when it matters
  • Intuitive chat for frequent 1-1
  • 360-degree feedback for real time performance reviews

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We Are What Our Customers Say About Us.

Our Reviews

The PossibleWorks Advantage

"PossibleWorks is an OKR based powerful and easy to use performance management software designed for teams that want to achieve accelerated growth.

The chat based intuitive interface drives meaningful conversations between managers and employees and encourages personal and professional development".

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