Managing agile performance &
continuous feedback

AI driven performance platform to improve workforce effectiveness. The platform is designed to enable employees and managers to deepen alignment, drive contribution and develop capabilities. The platform focuses on aligning individual goals to organizational goals, increases individual accountability and focus on execution. Adopts a network linked collaborative goals, breaking organizational silos and providing any-time, real-time & on demand feedback and coaching.

Objectives Driven Performance Management

Brings focus on the outcomes to be achieved and not the tasks to be performed, driving better accountability and success. Organize employees and their goals around common objectives improving focus, transparency and alignment.

Holacracy Supported Performance Management

Individuals can have multiple roles, report to multiple managers, enabling continuous evaluation.

Agile Goal Management

Agile organizations prefer dynamic goal management system with constant feedback to a yearly process. Cascading and interlinking individual outcomes keep priorities and deliverables disciplined.

Regular Check-ins & Real-time Feedback

Shift from performance management to performance enablement.

Complete Talent Management

Organizations grow when employees are engaged and excited with their work. To ensure an engaged workforce, PossibleWorks empower organizations to a complete Talent Management journey Performance, Engagement & Development.

Agile PMS with Dynamic goal periods

PossibleWorks allows organizations to create OKRs based goals with real-time Check-Ins. PossibleWroks ensures everyone’s focusing on company priorities, on an on-going basis.

Vision & Goal Cascading

Unlike traditional annual appraisals, which are backward looking to evaluate, PossibleWorks provides forward looking platform for performance management. We allow organizations to create dynamic goal periods to run their performance reviews.

Playbook, Milestones & Quick Check-ins

Time is invaluable in todays’ fast paced business world. PossibleWorks helps managers and employees make ongoing performance conversations fast, efficient and result oriented through Playbooks & Quick Check-Ins. These tools allow better insights into qualitative aspects of an employee’s performance.

AI Driven & IDP Management

IDPs are two-way commitment between an employee and her manager on what they are going to do to progress. PossibleWorks helps managers and employees create tangible evidence that employee development is indeed taking place.

Team based performance

PossibleWorks allows organization to capitalize on competitive spirit to drive productivity and sales metrics based gamified program to improve team performances. Highly configurable to accommodate multiple performance indicators to focus on most important areas.

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