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PossibleWorks Differentiators:

1Traditional Performance Systems focus heavily on record keeping, Managers' opinions and typically, at the tail end of the year.
PossibleWorks Platform has agile goal management with lead & lag Indicators inbuilt for regular check-ins -- with frequency as quick as weekly basis. This helps Employees view, manage and re-align their performance on more frequent basis. Traditional appraisals are, often, seen by Employees as post mortem of their performance and as way of force-normalizing their performance contributions. There was also a concern that Employee Goals are set annually where in their respective job tasks are far more dynamic in requirements.
2There also used to be very limited opportunities between Managers and Employees for feedback and mentoring.
PossibleWorks Platform’s quick SNAPSHOTS facilitate conversations between Managers and Employees at end of each sizeable project. Such project level feedback ensures that latency and recency effects are minimised by the end of appraisal cycle. This feature also drives consistency and objectivity in Manager’s feedback and generates high trust for employees.
3While operating under other Performance Systems, both Managers and Employees perceive the exercise of performance setting, driving and monitoring as not-so-nice experience -- best done and left, once annually.
PossibleWorks Platform’s chat interface, AI driven nudges, gamified LeaderBoards displaying individual and relative performance & Manager Analytics screens makes user experience far more delightful. PossibleWorks Platform further focuses its AI efforts into making already-good Line Managers, better People Managers as well. Resentment towards traditional performance management system is also driven by the fact that Line Managers are not equipped with necessary people & feedback skills.
4PossibleWorks Platform’s in-built competency framework and a comprehensive 360-degree Feedback module assesses Employees on behavioural and functional competencies and establishes an objective Learning & Development path, aligned to organizational objectives.
This enables Employees to be equipped for evolving job & performance requirements and place themselves firmly in control of their career development.

PossibleWorks’ AI Platform

  • Drives high performance for small and medium enterprises through agile goals, continuous feedback.
  • Nudges Line Managers to be better People Managers through mobile interface & resources. Makes Line Managers the pivotal influencers in driving high-performance.
  • Aligns Employees to organizational objectives.
  • Inverts the traditional performance management system to an employee driven performance enabling system, aided by our Artificial Intelligent bot, “ALTR."
  • Integrates behavioural & functional competences & active employee engagement into proprietary high- performance framework. Allows Small & Medium Enterprises to leverage this, without the need for any external experts in far simplified format.

An OKR software driven by agility, modern techniques, and analytics

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