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Drive High Employee Performance with OKRs

PossibleWorks puts organizational objectives at the heart of every employee's performance.

This empowers strategic alignment, focused execution and engaged employees to achieve organizational goals.

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OKR Framework

Priorities, Transparency & Alignment

  • Establish priorities
  • Align individual employee goals with organizational goals
  • Drive engagement through transparency & alignment
  • On-board employee to organisational purpose

Agile Goals & Initiatives

  • Adopt Cadence: Annual for Strategic, Quarterly for Tactical & Weekly for Operational outcomes
  • Use SMART for clear and objective goals
  • Define initiatives for each goal for focused execution
  • Remove subjectivity and drive objective performance assessment

Continuous Feedback

  • Intuitive chat based conversations for coaching & timely course correction
  • Review employee performance frequently
  • Incident Management for critical inputs
  • Check-ins for competency development

Company Objectives

Achieve an NPS (out of 10) from our customers

Increase customer retention to from 70% to 98%

Take 2 new products to market

Raise 250 million in funding

CEO Goals

OBJECTIVE:  Raise 250 million in Funding

Identify possible sources of funding by Q1 and start initial discussions

Submit Information Memorandum and shortlist 5 possible parties Complete negotiations and raise funds

PossibleWorks' OKR solution

PossibleWorks' OKR solution

Goal setting for Organizational Alignment

  • Objectives & Key Results Framework
  • Agile and Dynamic Goals periods with frequent reviews
  • Transparent companywide visibility of cascaded objectives
  • Tasks for early visibility of performance and success for each goal

Objective & Frequent Performance Reviews

  • Real-time tracking for continuous assessment
  • Monthly/Quarterly Reviews with interim milestones
  • Facilitate quick and powerful conversations between Manager & Employee
  • Encourage coaching & mentoring opportunities
  • Periodic qualitative assessment on behaviors and competences
  • Conduct Regular 1-on-1s

Focus on Initiatives to
Deliver Outcomes

  • Initiatives are actions that help achieve the goals taken
  • Initiatives provide an early visibility of performance and likelihood of success
  • PossibleWorks uses Initiatives and milestones to forecast the possibility of success at each goal level and at an aggregate organization level

"The platform has helped us build high-performance teams"

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The PossibleWorks Advantage

"PossibleWorks is an OKR based powerful and easy to use performance management software designed for teams that want to achieve accelerated growth.

The chat based intuitive interface drives meaningful conversations between managers and employees and encourages personal and professional development".

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