Objectives & Key Results (OKR) driven performance management

OKR Driven Performance Management

Organizations have struggled to get employees focus on the outcomes rather than the tasks to be performed. Focusing on objectives & key results drives better accountability and success.

Make Goals Agile with Dynamic Goal Periods

Dynamic goal management helps organizations become agile. Dynamic goal periods allow continuous feedback, instead of annual appraisals. PossibleWorks allows organizations to run Annual, Quarterly, Monthly goals and goal periods for their performance reviews.

Cascade Goals

Translating goals from one level of the organization to the next ensures alignment between the organization's strategy and individual employees' activities and goals. Cascading and interlinking individual outcomes keep deliverables prioritized and disciplined.

Focus on Lead Indicators to deliver outcomes

Lead Indicators (LIs) provide an early visibility of performance and likelihood of success. PossibleWorks uses LIs and milestones to forecast the possibility of success at each goal level and at an aggregate organization level.

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OKR Management aligns an organization's performance with its employee goals

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