Disrupting performance through
innovation process management

Innovation is not just about generating ideas. It's about making ideas happen.
Our platform enables organizations drive innovation through the entire journey, from the initial idea (Spark) to the commissioned project (Sparkle) . Built on foundation of 5 I’s (Imbibe, Integrate, Involve, Incentivize and Internalize), Spark2Sparkle© enables organizations create a holistic framework that integrates with the culture.

The Spark 2 Sparkle Journey

  • Ideation & Mobilization: Employees can submit an idea under themes and tag their peers
  • Advocacy & Screening: The mobilized ideas are presented to the Subject Matter Experts
  • Experimentation: Test the sustainability of ideas
  • Commercialization: Analyze the real costs and possible tangible/intangible benefits
  • Implementation: Set up the structure and resources needed to deliver the outcome
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