How will COVID-19 affect Performance Management Practices?

As the COVID-19 pandemic arises sensitive subjects to be taken into consideration, including changing work models, job security and prospects, impact on staffing, and tension in the work environment, it is important for you to keep your people\'s spirit up.

Practical Examples of Objectives and Key Results

Key Guidelines for setting OKRs Company’s and CEO’s strategic Objectives and Key Results are defined All departments make their own OKRs in alignment with the CEO objectives—the OKR procedure works best when it draws on capability at each stage of

Key Elements of a Performance Management Process For Start-ups

Performance management is critical for start-ups. A well-designed performance management framework and a system that helps implement it can enable start-ups thrive in a dynamic business environment as well as institutionalize practices that enable high performance, growth and employee engagement.

How Adopting an OKR (Objectives & Key Results) Framework Makes Organizations Agile

Introduction In this fast paced world, it has become more than essential for organizations — small or large — to have a defined strategy and accountability to ensure that all teams are aligned and focused on a common goal. For

Why do you need a Rewards & Recognition program?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou Introduction This famous quote from Maya Angelou in a way says it all. This is also

A short guide to Performance Management Approaches

Introduction We briefly look at several approaches to performance management here and how they could benefit your organization. (more…)

Why performance management systems need to use Feedback 360?

Introduction Organizations worldwide endeavor to implement a robust and fair performance review system to evaluate and steer their employees towards continuous improvement. The objective of any performance management system is to provide employees with developmental feedback to help them contribute

Why your Performance Management System may need fixing (and how to do it)

Introduction A traditional performance management system uses annual appraisals for each individual employee. Annual performance management can be highly stressful experiences for both the employee and their manager. While employees are under pressure to present themselves well, managers have the

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