Performance Review – What Questions to Ask?

The questions asked during a performance review can decide how the next year/quarter is going to pan out. Here are some takeaways on what to ask during a performance review discussion. Ratings and ranks may be slowly going out of

How To Give Effective Employee Feedback?

In the ever-changing business environment, it is important for an organization to adapt in order to succeed. For an organization its employees are its most critical asset. When the employees are constantly evolving with the changing times, the organization has

How To Justify Human Resource Management Technology ROI

Many companies worry whether a large investment in Human Resource Management Technology is worth the money.  They look for substantial Returns on Investment (ROI) made. It is easy to calculate the different costs of investing in a software solution. This

Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends Post COVID-19

Employee engagement can be defined as employee’s willingness to contribute to organization’s growth. Employee engagement has been a long-standing critical concern for most organizations. The difference between retaining top talent and having higher attrition depends on how engaged the employees

HRTech -Transforming Employee Performance Management

Thanks to the rapid implementation of HR technology, employee performance management is moving away from traditional models like annual performance appraisals to a more dynamic mode of operation. Here is how:  Today performance management involves taking various things into account

Employee Experience Post COVID-19

Employee experience is becoming more and more important as millennial start to dominate the workforce globally. A positive employee experience has proved to be far more beneficial to organizations than the costs associated. COVID-19 has left organizations in unexpected and

How Technology is Transforming Human Resource Management

HR technology has transformed the most fundamental practices of the HR industry. HR Tech is nothing but the application of emerging technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and ML (Machine Learning) to key HR processes.  HR Tech

5 Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal

As a part of an organization, each employee is looking to grow in terms of status, finances and, skills. Over the past decade, companies have realized the importance of having a performance appraisal system for promotion and compensation decisions. However,

People Management Tips for Managers

People Management is one of the most critical aspects of Human Resources and is vital to the success of every organization. Managers need certain specific People skills to successfully drive business outcomes and for improving employee engagement. Managers with these

How Performance Appraisal Helps Improve Employee Performance?

Organizations understand the importance of employee performance for its overall success. To align an employee’s performance towards organizational goals, the process of performance appraisal can be effectively utilized. The system of appraisal helps the company identify key performing resources and

How Continuous Feedback Improves Annual Performance Appraisal

Feedback on performance in an organization should be a two-way street that helps both the managers and employees offer critical feedback to each other. Organizations often forget that managers are humans and cannot retain information about a single employee’s performance

How To Design An Effective Performance Management System?

In the ever-changing business scenario and the evolving workforce dynamics, performance management systems have become a useful way to better manage the human resources in an organization. Companies across the globe have adopted various methods and strategies to improve the

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