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Case Study

Automation & modernization of an existing R&R program

Amneal Pharmaceuticals, a leading manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals in the United States wanted to automate the Rewards and Recognition programs that it ran for its 4,000+ employees while also injecting the modern features of social recognition
PossibleWorks deployed its Engagement and Social Recognition Solution and automated its Recognition and Reward redemption process with the following features

  • Use case for distributed Pharmaceutical/ Manufacturing set ups - Created and successfully implemented work flows that addressed challenge of Employee's low mobile usage and internet penetration at the shopfloor
  • Real time recognition of employee actions - Dashboards facilitated the real-time analytics with respect to the Organizational and Individual progress.
  • Evaluate Effectiveness of Recognition Framework - Defined assessment metrics and reports for insights on platform utilization
  • The Reward of Choice through Online Reward Catalogue for Employees to redeem reward credit points against plethora of reward options


  • Ability to automate all the workflows, most of which were classified s highly complex with minimal customization of code
  • Inclusion of all employee levels and job families across all 3 workplace formats i.e head office, R&D and distribution centers
  • Replacement of a heavy physical merchandise based rewards catalogue with a portfolio of digital and experiential rewards
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