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360 Degree Performance Reviews & Feedback Software

PossibleWork's 360 Degree review software helps organizations empower their workforce to give and receive feedback instantly. Employees receive appropriate feedback for delivering results as well as when their performance needs course correction.
Our ‘Competency based’ assessment helps in identification of learning & development needs for career progression.

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PossibleWorks’ continuous, real-time, and conversational feedback helps organizations empower their workforce to give and receive feedback instantly.

Employees receive appropriate feedback for delivering results as well as when their performance needs course correction.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. ~  Ken Blanchard (author, speaker, management expert, and business consultant)

360 Degree Feedback on performance in an organization should be a two-way street that helps both the managers and employees offer critical feedback to each other. Organizations often forget that managers are humans and cannot retain information about a single employee’s performance throughout the year let alone the entire team. A continuous feedback system is essential for organizations to address challenges associated with traditional performance system and pave the way for both employee and organizational growth.

continuous system of performance feedback improves the quality of performance review by making managers more effective in helping employees improve their performance. Such reviews can thus help the managers direct employee efforts in the right direction and manage any discrepancies in the current and desired skill set of an employee.

  1. Continuous feedback enhances employee motivation and engagement.
  2. A continuous feedback-based performance review system enhances employee performance.
  3. Continuous feedback components like 360 feedback in a performance review system help organizations identify right Learning & Development path for employees and help employees’ career development.
  4. Frequent conversations driven by on-going reviews help establish a strong Manager/Employee relationship.
  5. On-going and continuous feedback ensures increased employee productivity and organizational performance.

What is continuous feedback-based performance management?

Continuous feedback-based performance management is a modern, human approach to monitoring, measuring and improving employee performance. In a continuous performance management, employees receive a variety of real time feedback through a combination of informal recognition, formal feedback, instructive and constructive feedback.

Organizations that embrace continuous performance feedback:

  1. Foster a forward-looking growth and development mindset by emphasizing feedback that is in-the-moment, informal, and frequent.
  2. Strengthen relationships by improving communication and coaching between employees and managers.

A 360 Degree Feedback System that Fuels Growth

On-Going Conversations

Encourage Conversations around Performance Enhancement

 “Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.”

~ Ed Batista

Employees receive appropriate feedback for delivering results as well as when their performance might need a course correction. Our ‘Competency-based assessment enables the identification of learning & development needs for career progression. 
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Objective Assessment

Bring Objectivity to your Employee Feedbacks.

We believe that a 360 performance review software provides employees with a well-rounded view of their performance.
This 360 feedback review system aims to be unbiased and is used to provide an objective review of employee performance highlighting competencies & training needs to ensure that you’re continuously invested in your employee.

PossibleWorks’ Continuous Feedback Applications

360 Degree Feedback

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve. ~ Bill Gates

360 degree feedback is a multi-rater feedback system that positively impacts leadership and the entire organization. This feedback system can give valuable insights into the functional and behavioural aspects of employees in an organization and address pain points. The feedback system also improves transparency and equity in the employee evaluation process.
Conduct comprehensive 360 surveys and pave the way for employee development on identified organizational competencies and career development.

Organizations tend to opt for the 360 employee review software for three main reasons:

  1. To get a holistic perspective about the performance of a potential leadership candidate.
  2. To gain a better understanding of human resource development requirements (training, behavioral, leadership etc.).
  3. To collect an unbiased feedback.

What Feedback 360 measures?

  1. Behaviors and competencies.
  2. How do others perceive an employee.
  3. Development areas such as Emotional Intelligence, motivation, leadership abilities, listening, accountability, planning etc.
  4. Tacit areas such as collaboration, character, leadership potential etc.


A snapshot of employee performance based on various qualitative aspects gives employees a quick understanding of where they stand on these parameters. Snapshots capture the critical qualitative parameters of performance which may not be directly linked to quantitative performance but are critical in delivering that performance.

Use snapshots around the year for qualitative performance feedback to identify areas of improvement and improve performance individually and at the team level.

Advantages of Snapshots:

  1. Drive employee engagement.
  2. Provide Direction.
  3. Promote continuous learning.
  4. Prevent miscommunication.
  5. Drive employee development.
  6. Improve Employee Welfare.
  7. Motivate employees.
  8. Provide an opportunity for collaboration.

Chat-based Interface

PossibleWorks platform enables managers to communicate through a chat-based system on aspects related to employee performance.

The chat interface is easy to use and intuitive to carry out all actions related to performance management. This system of communication improves productivity with an easy flowing chat application that permits transparent and faster communication

Incident Diaries

Incident Diaries help managers keep a record of all instances about an employee’s performance for an objective assessment.

Feedback through an incident diary erases the need to rely on human memory to record influential moments.

Improve your performance management practices with an incident diary that records valuable insights that come in handy for yearly reviews.

Advantages of Incident Diaries:

  1. Helps to identify & recollect events which might be missed .
  2. Cost effective and provides rich information.
  3. Acts as inputs to other feeback interventions.
  4. Allows performance reviews to be more objective.

The PossibleWorks Advantage

“PossibleWorks is an OKR based powerful and easy to use performance management software designed for teams that want to achieve accelerated growth.
The chat based intuitive interface drives meaningful conversations between managers and employees and encourages personal and professional development”.

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